About Us

I’m Kyle Barrett, founder of Kryptonite Apparel, a very new, fashion brand that I hope one day will be an internationally recognized company with a mission of inspiring people to chase their dreams and continue becoming the best versions of themselves. Growing up in Jamaica was a blessing but I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the level of education that I hoped for without moving to the US. I played soccer and ran track in high school which are both still very big passions of mine but it wasn’t until college where I had the chance to build on my greatest passion and begin creating my own fashion brand.

I was recruited to play college soccer at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs NY. I knew I was going to study Business Management before I even started college because I’ve always had a business kind-of mindset. I had an amazing experience at Skidmore in the Business Management department and the knowledge I was gaining pushed me to try building my own small-business while simultaneously studying with a goal to work in the US post-grad. I started Kryptonite Apparel in my one-bedroom apartment in 2019 mostly selling to my friends, family, and teammates who supported me knowing that this was a dream I’ve always had. COVID-19 hit in the year that I was graduating college so I took a short break from Kryptonite to focus on graduating and then applying to graduate school. 

In the last year I’ve had the chance to rebrand and build myself back up even better than before. In the Summer of 2021 I relaunched my company in a whole new way. I received the opportunity to pursue my MBA with Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and I’ve been grinding this last year through my MBA program and relaunching Kryptonite Apparel as KRYPTNT. I consider myself extremely lucky to have had these educational opportunities that so many young people around the world strive for but being an international student in the US has definitely come with its drawbacks too. 

Being international there are restrictions when it comes to working and making any income. While my peers were able to work jobs/internships throughout the school year, throughout the summer, make money, and gain experience, I wasn’t able to do the same. Obviously, that kind of experience is necessary when applying to jobs post-grad. In order for me to get the business experience that I really needed and wanted, I had to discover a way to do that myself instead of relying on summer internships, jobs, etc. Being told that I couldn’t have these things that my peers were able to have throughout all of my education was frustrating but I turned that frustration into drive. 

My brand is my story, it showcases that if you believe in yourself, you can do anything you set your mind to. YOU CAN OVERCOME HARD THINGS. My rebrand came with the slogan JOIN THE MOVEMENT and to me, that means becoming a part of the KRYPTNT fam and committing to working on yourself everyday...to overcome hard things, to chase your dreams, to prove others wrong, and to continue becoming the best possible version of YOU.